Wednesday, October 30, 2013

After Wedding Spanking

Hello everyone,

With all the wedding things happening in the previous months, there has not been any spanking going on around here. Seems like we were either too tired or just had other things more pressing to attend to. Well, our daughter is married and back from their honeymoon, so I told Nina I was long over due for a spanking and asked her if she would perhaps like to rectify that situation. She agreed and so events were set in motion!

Well last night Nina said it was time, so into the bedroom we went, out came the paddle, and down came my underwear! As I have said previously, Nina is not a spanko but is one of those remarkable spouses that goes along with TTWD even though they don't really "get it".

That said, I wonder sometimes if she isn't secretly hiding some feelings and is not as vanilla as I think because when she spanks, she doesn't mess around.  She had me lay across the bed and with no warm-up gave me a flurry of what she said were not very hard spanks, but certainly got my full  attention! After about 30, she stopped and when I commented that those were sure hard spanks (big mistake) she decided to demonstrated what a hard spanking really was! (wasn't she thoughtful :-)

After that demonstration, which really got me dancing around and hollering, she stopped and asked how I liked that. Now just how does one answer that question???? I simply said "those really stung". After a final break she finished off with a bunch more (I lost count) and the spanking was over.             

I thanked her for a really great spanking and did what I suppose most everyone does after a spanking. I went and checked to see what my backside looked like. It was red and hot to the touch so naturally I asked Nina to come and feel!  She came in to the bathroom and felt the heat off of my very rosy bottom and commented that she had done a good job! See why I have suspicions!  

Afterwards we both felt a lot better and definitely won't wait so long until next time. Isn't it amazing how a great spanking can make you both so very happy and content!

This is a picture of that most evil paddle she used last night. I thought you might like to see!         

It is not the biggest, but in her hands it sure makes an impression, because as I sit here writing, I can still feel the after effects.  LOL

Blessings to all,

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wedding Update

Hello everyone.

This will be a quick update on the wedding. It was marvelous! The weather was great, the food was super, and the bride was stunning! (not that I am prejudice). I got to do my speech at the reception and only choked up one time! I took this one photo with my camera phone of the place she stood (attached below). I will add more photos after I get them loaded on the computer, but just wanted to thank everyone for all the good wishes!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Wedding Day is Near

Hello all,

Life has been busy lately for us. Our daughters wedding is now less than two weeks away. I have my Tux, Nina has her dress, the preparations are almost all complete and about all I have left to do is finish my speech for the reception. I am really looking forward to that! Here is the first part I have written:

Welcome and thank you to everyone for being here to share in this joyous occasion. I am the father of the bride and now is the time when I get to stand up and say a few words…. other than “yes sweetie, I think that would be perfect”.  
There are several significant moments in a life with daughters. The day they are born; the day they take their first steps; the day they get their own car; and then there is that day they say, Mommy, Daddy, I met this boy named Donald.

Donald, when I heard you two met though a dating service, I thought, “a dating service” my goodness this guy must be really desperate to have to pay some outfit to find him girls! I thought “why couldn’t he meet someone like we did in my dating days…. at a bar!  Or the scariest way of all (and BTW the way, it was how I met Nina) on a blind date.
Nina, before we went on that blind date, I never heard  any one say “she has a great personality and all the girls love her”. I was told you were attractive, really nice and a whole lot of fun. That was a perfect description Nina, because you were then and still are all those things and much, much more. You are my best friend and the love of my life; thank you for marrying me.

Nina and I both really like Donald, and know we are truly blessed for that. I plan to say more about my little girl and although I have been dreading this day since the day she was born (I cry every time in the Father of the Bride" movies and told her I thought "The Little Mermaid" had a sad ending because Ariel left her father and the ocean!) but instead, I find myself being really, really, happy for them. They are so much in love and the look of joy on each of their faces just radiates bright as the sun!  So I plan to walk her down the isle sharing her joy and any tears will happy ones.

She is fluent in Spanish, and I wanted to conclude with a special moment to remember between her and I, so I plan to close by saying:  "Nunca olvide, tu hijo es tu hijo hasta que se casa con su esposa, pero tu hija es tu hija para toda tu vida." which translates as "Never forget, your son is your son til he marries his wife, but your daughter's your daughter, for all of your life".  To which I say, AMEN!!!!!!

Blessings to all,

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Photo's

Hello everyone. It is becoming fall here in the northern hemisphere, but I did include a couple of spring/summer photo's for my friends down south.


    Rocky Mountains Near Gunnison, Colorado

                       Rocky Mountains near Gunnison, Colorado                         

New Hampshire White Mountain National Forest
New Hampshire White Mountain National Forest

                                   Sunrise over South Carolina @ 40,000 Feet

                                                  Sunset at Naples, Florida

                        For everyone anticipating the arrival of spring and summer

                                                 Flowers at Monticello, Virginia

                               Bahama Beaches are like no others I have seen