Tuesday, April 8, 2014

One thru Ten? & Camels?

Hello all. I am not sure who sent these to me, but as usual, I wanted to share them with everyone. Enjoy.....
1) U are reading this
2) U are human.
3) U can't say the letter ''P'' without separating your lips
4) U just attempted to do it
6) U are laughing at yourself
7) U have a smile on your face and you skipped No. 5
8) U just checked to see if there is a No. 5
9) U laugh at this because you feel like an idiot & know everyone else does it too.
10) U are probably going to send this to see who else falls for it

Look Closely; what do you think those little white lines are? Look carefully......then below...... 

Those white lines are the camels. So what are the “camels”? Well, where is the sun?
Things are not always as they seem – especially from the air.

Hugs and Blessings,