Tuesday, December 31, 2013

January Photos

                                     Hello everyone and Happy New Year! 

                                           Sunset in Virginia from 37000 feet

                                          A winter Day in Aspen, Colorado

                                        John Denver Memorial, Aspen Colorado

                                                     Beach in Cancun, Mexico

                                                   Gulf of Mexico Sunset

                                               Sand Dunes Natl Park, Colorado 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A pain in the a$$ to sit

Hello, sorry I have been away for a while and have not had the opportunity to read, much less comment. Nina's mom had neck surgury and afterwards was unable to move her right side. She is in rehab now doing better, and we traveled to see her, which has kept us both preoccupied for the last couple of weeks. I am so far behnd on Ana's advent calender that it still seems like early December! I cannot believe it is so close to Christmas!

Today I decided to write a light hearted post about a subject we are all familiar with. I suspect from the title you are thinking spanking....well nope. I am talking about the recurring male/female dynamic regarding the position of the toilet seat! Leave it up or down, that is the question. It takes no more effort to raise than to lower, so I wondered what was the big deal?

I believe the axiom never judge another until you have walked in their shoes. So I decided to conduct an experiement. I picked a day and everytime I went to the bathroom, all day, I sat! Gracious me girls, but what a pain in the a$$! :-) The extra effort to remove and then restore one's attire is a lot more trouble than it seems. I understand now how one more step in an already multi-step process is just plain irritating! I offer a challenge to any males to give it a try. Makes you really appreciate the simplicity of our anatomy!

OK, I suspect about now a few of you girls are thinking, yep, God made it simple to match everything else about guys! :-) Maybe so, but then......why do girls always go to the restroom in pairs! Lets just all say "whatever"....and thank the Lord for our differences!!!

Merry Christmas to all!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Photos

            A few more photos and the last one is the airplane I get to fly. Isn't she beautiful!

                                  Colorado Rockies west of Denver       
A Snowy Day in Aspen, Colorado

                                Mount Washington Cog Railway, New Hampshire

Mt Washington - Notice the white line up the mountain. That's the Cog Train track!

                                              Mount Washington Hotel

Bird on the Beach, Naples, Florida

                                  Flying Above the Storms at 45,000 feet

                                                  Sunset in Southern Arizona