Sunday, July 27, 2014

Relationships, Community and TTWD

I saw this picture and it got me thinking about relationships. Sisters share a special bond. They may not agree all the time, or even often, but they share a bond that is forever.

We are all created with a need to find fulfillment. It is something we search for all our lives. Some believe they can find peace and happiness amassing possessions and wealth. I have known others who dedicate a life to their careers. Still others are dedicated to a cause, be it religion, righting social wrongs, or protecting the planet.  While we all choose a different life path, one commonality we share is a need for companionship. Friends, neighbors, family, lovers, acquaintances, competitors; we all have them.  
Sometimes we mistake harmonious existence as being the apogee of that which we seek. The Babylonians believed the natural order of the world was war and chaos. The gods created humankind to fight their battles and peace was an aberration. Seeing the condition of the current world it makes me wonder if they might not have been right.       
While I do not agree with Babylonian theology, I have found extended harmony is rare. We get upset with all kinds of things that are not really important. We feud with neighbors, get cross with dear friends and even alienate family. However, we cling to the hope that even when we are acting our worst, marriage will be our warming hut on top of the mountain and the hand we can reach out to when we are drowning.
 TTWD is something we choose to do in an attempt to make our marriages better; to improve communication with our soul-mate. TTWD is not for everyone, but for those in this community it is remarkable how it enhances communication and helps bind us together as in “two shall be come one”.  We need our friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances and even our competitors. However, in our life as we learn from and teach each other, our marriage partner will always be our most important earthly companion and TTWD gives us an advantage over those outside the community.
I have only been blogging a little over a year and I have met many new friends. Although no community is perfect I have found people here are kind, compassionate, caring, a little daring and exhibit a zest for life that is amazing! I really like hanging out here and just wanted to say thank you to everyone. You are all special!
Hugs and Blessing,

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Photos

Hello all. The last picture of this group is a departure from the beauty of nature, but it is one that I find humorous because of the veiled truth it displays. If any of y'all are familiar with the pilot community you know how it can become our consumate passion!  

Sunrise above the clouds along the east coast of the USA from 26,000 feet. An inspiring start of the day!

                      Bella Bella, Canada and a regular morning visitor to my balcony.

Hiking up Buttermilk mountain, Aspen, Colorado, crossed paths with a permanent resident.

                                  Sunset while taxiing for departure at JFK airport.

DFW international airport (ok, I like pictures of airports and photo will say it all!)

              Have a great day to all with hugs and blessings to each and every one!