Monday, September 15, 2014

Punishment Spanking

Nina spanks me for fun and we enjoy an occasional scenario spanking. Those spankings are always administered bare and result in a red and sore bottom, however she almost never gives me a punishment spanking.  Two days ago however, that is just what I got.  

We were both in a bad mood when I got home. We greeted each other pleasantly enough and after supper turned on the television. Nina made a comment about the show we were watching. I did not agree and I told her she was being way too critical and reminded her it was only a TV show. She did not like that and we exchanged words until things escalated to a real heated argument. Stupid I agree now, but at the time I was not in a mood to be agreeable!

We finally settled down but really had not made up and that is how we concluded the evening. The next day I had the opportunity to reflect on my previous evening’s behavior and I had to admit I was wrong. I told her I realized I had been disrespectful and was making a big deal out of nothing. I said I was sorry for spoiling our evening and suggested perhaps a spanking was in order. Nina immediately agreed with me saying I had most definitely been naughty. I was ready to get it over with, but she said she was tired and we would wait until the next day. Was she tired; yes. Did she want me to have to have to anticipate what I was in for….again I suspect the answer is yes.  It is never a good idea to piss off your wife!
The next day we were both off work and so she said it was time for my spanking. We went into our bedroom and she selected her large wooden paddle while I undressed. I bent over and grabbed my knees to await my fate. She started spanking my bare bottom with exuberance and very little rest between the spanks. After a while she stopped and I thought I was finished only to discover she was just resting and changing sides. She then started again and it wasn’t long until I was hollering and dancing while trying to stay in position. My posterior was feeling her wrath and though my bottom was on fire and I was hopping up and down exclaiming lots of “ow’s” and “that hurts”, I knew I was getting the spanking I deserved and thankful she made me wait and didn't spank me while she was really angry! I don’t think I want to find out what that would be like!

After what seemed like forever, she finally stopped and with a red and sore bottom I apologized again and thanked her for spanking me. She said all was forgiven and remarkably the rest of the day we were both in a really great mood. At the end of the day we even both commented on how much fun we had together and how much more agreeable I was after being spanked.

I told her when I am grouchy a spanking will instantly improve my mood every time. She said she would definitely keep that in mind. Perhaps a few punishment spankings will be happening now and no longer be such a rare occurence!

Hugs and Blessings,

Friday, September 5, 2014

September Photos

Hello my friends. Sorry to be a little late with this months pictures, but have been experiencing computer troubles! Anyway, got things resolved and I hope you enjoy.


A sunset one evening from my street.  

Approaching the Grand Canyon

Looking down from directly above the canyon at the Colorado River

Thunderstorm at Alamogordo, New Mexico

Sunrise over the east coast

Sun setting in Aspen, Colorado