Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Love Our Lurkers 2014

Hello everyone.

This is my second year to participate in Love Our Lurkers day (or two). To recap, I am 63 and have been married to Nina for the past 38 years. I asked her to spank me about 27 years ago. Nina is a vanilla girl but has become an excellent spanker. Although it has been 27 years, some years have seen more spanking than others, however, now that our daughters are grown and on their own, it is much easier to spank!

We are not into DD and a punishment spanking is rare, although is has happened. We mostly enjoy fun spankings with some acting; me as a naughty school boy and Nina as the principal. I ask for a spanking when I think I deserve one and Nina is most happy oblige. All of the spankings, including the fun ones are painful and I usually end up with a sore backside when she is finished.

I am a professional pilot and also a musician and I enjoy reading history. I tried my hand at writing spanking fiction and soon I will send the story to PK at New Beginnings  http://elisnewbeginnings.blogspot.com/ to see if she thinks it is good enough for Fantasy Fridays.

Like many I was a lurker for months until I de-lurked and eventually created this blog. If you have been lurking and are contemplating de-lurking you will not regret the decision. This is a really great community of folks. I have made some dear friends and find comfort and support ubiquitous.

Although Halloween has past, I am attaching these because I had intended to do so but forgot and didn't want to wait until 2015. Such is a conseqence of aging!

If you want to just say hi or perhaps ask me a question about spanking, airplanes, music, history or anything else, just comment. I would be happy to hear from you. 


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Days Past

I was recently staying at a Holiday Inn Hotel and decided to spend some time on the treadmill. On the wall were these two pictures and I just had to share them. I do not know who the photographer was so I cannot give any credit other than to say they were probably made for Holiday Inn circa mid 1960's. I apologize for the reflections, but unfortunately I was not able to turn off the lights or take the pictures down to do a better job. The second one reminds me of the old TV program "Route 66".

A busy executive with his entourage heading for a twin Cessna with last minute instructions. I really love the ladies attire, especially their shoes!

What a Guy! After offering her a light I imagine his next line was an invitation to take a ride in his Corvette! Do you think she jumped at the chance?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Photos

Hello all. I am attempting a couple of videos this month. I hope they work!

I was flying home at 39000 feet and it was going to be dark by the time we landed. About 100 miles ahead of us we saw a line of thunderstorms between us and home. Our radar indicated we would be above the top of the storms, but it was quite a light show. The first video is from about 60 miles and then the second is closer to 30 miles and it has begun to get dark. It is quite a sight as you pass directly over the top and the lightning illuminates the entire sky below you! Mother nature is awesome!! Hope you enjoy.

Video below is on a descent from approx 7500 feet as we flew into the clouds. The only time you get a real sensation of speed is when you are flying directly above the clouds.

The Bridge over the Snake River, Twin Falls, Idaho.
The river is 480 ft below! 

Stone Mountain, Georgia
Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis carved into the granite monolith.

                                                        Yellowstone Park Wyoming