Friday, September 20, 2013

Update and a Question

Seems like I either have a lot I want to blog about or nothing much to say. Other than next months never ending wedding preparations, nothing much interesting is happening. Not even a fun spanking. I may have to talk with Nina about changing that situation! I will let you know how that idea turns out!

Until then however, I want to ask a question. Understand, I am 62 years old and grew up in the late sixties (BTW, an unbelievably fantastic time!) so understand my mores. The question is mostly for the girls but guys feel free to opine.

Today's media advertising portray young couples (especially beer commercials), where the girls are young and attractive and appear as if they have taken time to prepare every body part from their toenails to the top of their flowing locks. The guys on the other hand appear as if they have not shaved for the past week and suddenly realize "oops, I have 5 minutes so  guess I better get ready" look about them.

We all know certain friends, both guys and gals, who look good no matter what. I had a really great friend in college that looked absolutely fantastic 24/7 no matter what condition he was in and all the girls just adored him. He was also a great person which only enhanced his likability. So admittedly yes, some of us can pull it off.

There are also the models who cast their spells upon us and attempt to make is believe if only we use their product then we too be transformed into something of which dreams are made!

However, most of the time I am thinking, probably a really nice fellow, but I just don't see them as a couple. 

So what do you think?

A. Yes, they look soooo hot!

B. They look like slobs and I would not want to make-out with anyone who looks like that...gross!

C. It appeals to my fantasy to be knocked in the head and dragged by my hair to his cave.

D. I just look at the girls and how they are dressed....not interested in the guys!

E. Stupid question George....get a life!

So there you have it.....



  1. Well George no girl wants to date a prettier boy! Sheesh!!!

    Scruff, rough, hot. 'nuff said. Oh except he better smell good!

    I wouldn't suggest that look at your daughter's wedding however!

  2. I have to agree with Wilma. I don't like pretty boys too much. At the same time, they have to be clean, smell good, and no stains! Confusing? LOL :)

  3. OH, the last one, he doesn't even have his shirt buttoned up right, and did he ever freak me out in Notting Hill! lol I don't want to look A LOT better than my guy, or him to look a lot better than me. I like to be on more of an even footing. I hate dressing up, so I'm glad that that isn't the Duke's thing either. :) If my clothes are clean and not wrinkly, and my hair is brushed, I figure I'm good to go. lol

  4. Willie, Queenie, and Es May,

    I thought I would just answer all of you at once if you don't mind. First, thanks for the comments! I never really understood until now. I see your perspective about not wanting to go out with a guy that is prettier than you. lol! I had a friend that used to say she always wanted to enter the room with the best looking guy on her arm, so I suppose her attitude threw me off. It makes a lot more sense from y'all's point of view so thanks for "enlightening" me.

    Willie, I will take your advice about the wedding. I actually did stop shaving once for a few days a couple of years ago and asked Nina and my daughters how I looked. They all said I looked gross! Guess I can't pull it off....maybe I will try the Dos Equi's guy look some day and see how that goes!

    Queenie, I understand clean and smell good, but no stains? Have to contemplate that one! lol

    Es May you are my kind of girl! I bet you are never late getting ready!

    I found it interesting how y'all mentioned smelling good. I read a fascinating book all about smell, called "The Scent of Desire" by Rachael Herz. We use smell as a significant way to pick our spouses. It has to do with DNA and survival of the offspring and all. Very scientific, but also fascinating. In the book she also said that after an acrimonious divorce, women said that they found the smell of their ex to be offensive. So I appreciate the confirmation of just how important smell, or more appropriate, a pleasant smell is in a relationship.

    So, if understand you all correctly, if I out-live Nina and opt to go back to dating again, I should 1) be clean, 2) smell good and 3) dress appropriate for the occasion, but no more. Since I hope that will not happen until I am an octogenarian or beyond, I don't think I will have to worry about looking hot!!!

    Hugs and blessings to you all,