Saturday, January 18, 2014

Spanking, Spray on Clothing, Socks, Snowmen & One Tactical Error


It has been a busy start to the new year for me and time to write has been limited. Lots of flying going on, and that is unlikely to change for a while. However, I want to post a few odds and ends. Nothing of any noteworthy significance, just random thoughts.

As with many others, I received my first spanking of 2014 within a few days after the 1st. Nina and I were going to bed when I requested she spank me. She didn't hesitate and seeing the gleam in her eyes I am beginning to suspect my vanilla wife has begun to enjoy her part in TTWD! Or perhaps she is just getting even after the innumerable times I have aggravated her these last 37 years! Go Figure!

I removed my underwear and laid across her lap on the bed and she began giving me a most enjoyable hand spanking. I was relaxed and enjoying the moment, but after a couple of minutes she reached into her night stand and took out the wooden paddle! I have told Nina that I really don't ever want a wimpy spanking (I have read it is a guy thing). She proceeded to start paddling my bottom quite vigorously and before long I was owing and wriggling around on the bed.

My relaxed "enjoy the moment" moment had disappeared and although the spanking was painful, I became totally focused on the attention my back side was receiving and mentally was in the exact place I wanted and needed to be! After what she determined was an appropriate length of time (and my bottom had become a nice shade of red) she put the paddle away. I thanked her for the spanking and we proceeded to have some other fun *wink* because that spanking sure made us wide awake and hot for each other! 

I saw an article about spray on clothing. Someone has developed an aerosol can that will spray a substance which adheres to your skin and after drying, turns into an article of clothing than can be worn, removed, washed and worn again! Seems like stuff from the Jetson's! If you are interested, just google "spray on clothing" to see more pictures and videos!

Here is a totally unrelated subject I have wondered about. Why is it that socks appear to wear out faster when you wear them without shoes? After all, are socks not subject to the same pressure as when worn inside your shoes?

Since we are in the heart of winter here in the northern hemisphere, and much of the USA and Canada have seen quite a bit of snowy weather, I thought you might enjoy the thought of a few snowmen departing this earth and this cartoon of a snowman's funeral.  May they rest in peace.

Last, I saw this at the airport in Miami and it reminded me of my college days! If we only knew then what we know now! I once made the tactical error of telling my daughter, whilst in the presence of Nina, that college was the best time of your life! But quickly added....until you get married! LOL

I am off again into the wild blue yonder for the next few days. So until next time....

Hugs and Blessings


  1. Hi George, great fun post. I enjoyed reading this :)

    Glad the spanking got you to where you needed to be and that it led to some other fun activities :) LoL at the gleam in Nina's eye. It seems maybe she is beginning to enjoy her part in ttwd.

    Spray on clothing? I hadn't heard of this. What will they come up with next? Good question re the socks LoL. I guess it depends on where you walk in them ... whether you walk outside in them etc.

    The comment to your daughter made me giggle ... nice save :)


    1. Hi Roz, Thanks for the comment! Yes Nina certainly seems to be enjoying her part!

      Spray on clothes were news to me too. Think I might try it once just for fun!

      It was a good save, but college really is the very best time of your life! Especially back in the late 60's and early70's when I attended! Peace, love and being the ebullient idealists we were made it a time like no other!

      Wishing you Hugs, Blessings, and no more earthquakes!


  2. Hey George, yeah paddles do up the intensity, that is for sure, but glad it turned out to be what you needed. :)

    Um, not sure I would want my clothes that form fitting. Lol. And socks wear out faster without shoes because there is more friction and wearing on the fibers. So it isn't your imagination. :)

    Blessings, EsMay

    1. Es May, A big hello to you!

      The paddle certainly does get my attention! Although it causes a lot of ow's while Nina is spanking me, the feeling afterwards is really great. I was a very satisfied fellow that night for sure!

      LOL, Form fitting! I hadn't really thought about that aspect! Even so, I would try it once just to see what it felt like being sprayed. If I ever do, I will let you know!

      Thanks for solving the socks mystery. I just new there had to be a logical reason.

      Blessings to you also,

  3. George

    Good to see you again! Glad your spanking went so well. Any good girl spankings
    for Nina ever?

    As for spray on clothes... I'm going to go with no thank you on that.

    Snow men funeral. So cute :)


    1. Sara, so glad you stopped by!

      Yes the spanking was perfect, and at the conclusion of all the evening activities, I was feeling great both mentally and physically. Just might have to ask Nina for a repeat performance sometime soon!

      OK, I can understand your not wanting to get sprayed. But I might have to try it once (although shirts only!) lol

      Glad you enjoyed the snowman cartoon!

      Hugs and Blessings,

    2. Sara, I'm so sorry, I forgot to answer your question re: Nina.

      There have been times when she has come to me saying she was really mad at herself for doing whatever, and I have asked her if she would like a spanking. The answer is always no.

      I do give her an occasional mild spanking and tell her that she is a good girl, and she likes that. However, for her, the spankings will always be a no-pain event!

      I am OK with that because as a vanilla girl having to put up with a spanko husband, she is doing a really great job and I appreciate her willingness and fun attitude more than words can describe.