Saturday, June 29, 2013

This Was The Week That Was

Hello all, what a week!  Although a newcomer to this community, I have been graciously welcomed by everyone.  We are a family and it disheartens me to see the results of some media types who are at best overzealous, and at worst intentionally misrepresenting TTWD. What gets me upset the most is the implication that TTWD and CDD are synonymous.
I’ve had prior personal experience with our beloved media and I can say after my experience, I have almost zero confidence in what they report. However, it is not always the fault of the reporter, as their editor has the final authority and decides how the information is slanted.
I am sure that some couples practice CDD. They quote bible verses to justify their behavior. The problem with that is you cannot pick bible verses that justify your position and then disavow others that you do not agree with, such as cutting off your foot or gouging out an eye if they cause you to sin. Ironically, it is just as easy to use individual bible verses to condemn CDD as it is to justify the practice! 

The Bible is a fantastic collection of individual books that teach us how we should live and how to treat others. It is not an encyclopedia we can use to look up ways to justify our individual point of view.  In Bill Hybels book “The Power of a Whisper” he suggests to know when you are hearing from God, ask five questions:

      1.       Is the prompting truly from God?

2.       Is it scriptural?

3.       Is it wise?

4.       Is it in tune with your own character?

5.       What do the people you most trust think about it?

I do not consider either CDD or TTWD to be scripturally inspired. What I do believe is TTWD is not for everyone, and for those in this community, it is most unequivocally not abuse. Abuse of any kind is horrid and universally condemned by all of us.  TTWD, quite the contrary facilitates improved communication, caring attitudes, respect for each other and above all else genuine love.     

Christians and Christianity today often are portrayed as fanatical, out of touch with reality, well intentioned folks who are clueless about the “real world”. The hype we have read lately with tantalizing titles such as "Spanking for Jesus" only serve to reinforce that perception and I believe this is all just another attack by Satan. The good news is Satan will not win the battle and this too shall come to pass!

Blessings to all…


  1. Thank You George!

    Very well said and as a fellow Christian, I really appreciate the clarity in your post on how the Bible can be wrongly twisted to support or oppose just about anything.

    I myself am just a happily married woman who chooses to be submissive to my hubby because that IS in the Bible - but I also love to be spanked by him. That's it. And it's wonderful.

    :) Cali

    1. Thank you Cali. You have a clarity of thought that is to be envied!

      Just as it is right for you to be submissive, husbands are taught to love our wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.

      That you enjoy being spanked by your husband has nothing to do with your faith. I totally get it (since I ask Nina to spank me). Never let anyone make you think you are practicing errant behavior, because you're not. I can feel your inner joy exploding off the page. Enjoy life together and be as happy tomorrow as you are today.



  2. Hi George!

    I have chosen to stop reading and commenting on most blogs for a few days, but decided I had to read yours. I knew I wouldn't become angry, frustrated or hurt in doing so. I also knew I'd be 'safe' in sharing here. You are like a beacon of sunshine.

    Anyway, as you know I am Catholic, but a VERY liberal, pick and chose kind of girl. I chose to ignore any aspects of my religion that condemn or supress. Over the years, even my still very strong religiously minded Mother has taken this stand as well. For us our religion is about building a foundation to be better people, to maintain traditions, and to give our family a 'jumping off point'. What the outside world does, does not define my religion, to a point. I am not out to convert anyone to Catholicism anymore than I am to ttwd.

    I love what you said about the bible not being an encyclopedia. But for those who choose it to be so ( and the next little bit is base on information from my memory bank, so it could be fuzzy, feel free to correct me) for a very long time, the words of the bible were only passed around by word of mouth. Eventually they were written down, this is why there are so many different interpretations. When they were written out, they were only written in (whatever) language, and then there is something about Monks translating them to Latin or the, see I told you foggy..BUT this was a VERY, VERY, VERY, long time ago regardless. You know, when the world was flat. So while the bible is great for stories to learn from, and ideals to take away from, following it to the LETTER, well....

    As for ttwd. Our journey < just saying again I hate that term, with ttwd has had little to do with punishment ( not that I am condemning that, we just aren't at that point). What it has had to deal with is bringing down walls, opening communication and therefore enhancing intimacy. It has allowed us to "SEE" the other person. To open up, BOTH of us, to each other. To push the outside world back, and focus on us. Does spanking have to be a part of this world for it to work? It does for me. I had introduced many other 'ideas' to strengthen our relationship, and they did work, to a point, but nothing compared to ttwd. AND for the record, I rarely get spanked. But there is an intimacy that comes from the vulnerability and trust.

    I have NO doubt that others can do this without ttwd, we just found it worked for us. However, trying to explain that to someone who doesn't understand, would most likely be like trying to explain what a particular food tastes like if they have never tried it. The danger in doing so is, people then jump to conclusion and say, " Oh it takes like chicken then", and go off on a tangent about chicken, when really that is just a starting point to explain, not the actual taste".

    Sorry for the post on your post!

    1. Good morning anonymous(WR), a beacon of sunshine huh, well you just made my day!

      I am right there with you regarding the Bible. It teaches us many things about how to live, but taking it literally is not an intelligent practice. You are correct about the bible being passed down using word of mouth, because the majority of people living in those times did not read or write.

      The essence of Christian doctrine was actually formed in 325 AD at the Counsel of Nicea, where the bishops gathered at the decree of Emperor Constantine and penned the Nicene Creed. In the 1450's Gutenberg invented the printing press and printed the Gutenberg Bible in Latin. In 1611 the King James version was published for the protestants with 12 less books than the Catholic Bible. Since then many revisions and different versions have been published in all languages. That we have differing interpretation of what is scriptural and what is not is certainly not surprising nor new.

      The reason you have chosen to practice spanking in your relationship is because it is something that improves your union. Why should any other reason be necessary?

      TTWD is either a part of our being, or not, and if not, it can't be explained logically to someone who doesn't possess the gene, so to speak. Unfortunately, both individually and collectively as a society, what we fail to understand scares us and then we become critical and disapproving. Kind of like in the sci-fi movies when the military wants to immediately shoot the aliens but the scientists want to talk to them.

      My friend, continue to be the good liberal Catholic girl you are, love God, your family, and enjoy life (even if includes an occasional banana...LOL)

      Sorry for the long response, but so be it. BTW, did you know that AMEN is translated into english as "so be it"?


  3. LOL... I bet you were thinking as you read,until you got to the bottom, " Okay anonymous, how would I know you are Catholic ? " Sorry about that!

    1. You were just giving me a clue to try and guess who you were. LOL

  4. Thanks George! A moment of clarity in an otherwise very foggy week.

    1. Thank you Susie. I appreciate your comment. I wasn't sure how this post would be taken.

      Blessings and hugs,