Saturday, March 22, 2014

March Answers

OK, I admit I am new to this and I initially answered on the blog. But I see most folks answer by creating a new post, so if you have read my answers on the blog these are a repeat. If probably don't really care that much anyway, so just skip this and move ahead to other stuff.


Cali Mom asked, what is your love language? What is Nina's love language?
(gifts, quality time, words of encouragement, physical touch or acts of service)

What did you do with Nina on your first date?
Is there anything you haven't done but have on your bucket list?

My love language is physical touch. I love to hug everybody, including guys that are not homophobic! Nina and I hold hands when we walk and when we sit together in a movie or church. I used to work in a government job where touching was frowned upon, but I did it anyway and nobody ever objected. I was at one of those "conventions" with a large group of managers and the big boss was talking about sexual harassment and I spoke up and said hugs were good and to prove it I would hug him, so he said ok. I went up in front of the entire group and we hugged. It became a tradition for the two of us after that at all the forthcoming gatherings!

Nina is a toss-up between quality time and touch. She likes to have a special time for all the various celebrations and sometime just to get away and spend quality time together without all the interruptions of life. She is also a touch person and so in that aspect we certainly compliment each other.

Nina and I actually met on a blind date! We had mutual friends and got together for a trip to a German festival. We ended up going country western dancing later and I asked her for her number. A week or so later I called, but she didn't remember who I was (great impression I made, no? lol) She says that she never expected me to call and that was the reason she had forgotten! Well, she agreed to go out again and were married a year later!

People tell me I am nuts, but on my bucket list I want to be a high school history teacher! I love kids and am astonished about how much history they are totally oblivious of today! I also love music and would like to direct a high school jazz band and teach a flying ground school to the kids.
Katie asked: Besides spanking, what do you and Nina like to do on your time off together? Does Nina like to fly with you?
Besides spanking, at home Nina and I like to go to sporting events, see movies, and attend concerts of our favorite groups. We both love to travel and we have seen a lot of the USA. We are hoping to travel to Europe and visit there too. We enjoy looking at open houses on Sunday after church to get ideas for decorating. Or some evenings we just make popcorn, put on an old movie (I am blessed because she actually likes WWII movies and spy flicks along with the traditional girl movies) and drink wine until we fall alseep on the floor (real exciting couple aren't we?).

The company I work for does not allow non company persons to travel on the airplanes, so she does not get to fly with me. I have a long lost of places that I want to show her and I hope that we can buy a small airplane of our own and visit all those places.
Willie shared a great story about her and her sister, and asked:
how is that exercise regiment coming along?

As for my exercise's only Tuesday! Ask me again on Friday! LOLEs May asked; Okay, you fly all over the world, is there a place you have not been to yet that you long to see?
              Interesting question I had to think about, but I came up with Easter Island. I  have been intrigued with those monolith stone heads ever since the first time I saw a picture of them. Nina said it is too remote of a place for her, so I guess I will have to make that trek alone!
Queenie asked,  Does Nina read your blog? Since you travel for your work, when it's time for vacation, do you just want to stay home?  
Nina does not regularly read my blog. She really is a vanilla girl and while she is happy to spank me, and has fun doing it, she doesn't really understand the emotional need and is not as interested in TTWD in general as I. I really wish she would be more involved and get to know some of the wonderful people in this community, but I am just thankful she is willing to be as involved as she is. Like a lot of us, I was very nervous the first time I told her of my desire to be spanked! Perhaps in time she will become more actively engaged in the community and I can convince her to write a post about her feelings.

I do like to travel on vacation even though I fly all over the place for a living. It is so much fun taking Nina and showing her some of the great locations I have visited. She loves to travel and see not only the USA but we want to travel to Europe.

Now if I am home from a trip and have a few days off, I am a homebody. I can stay in the house doing stuff for 2 days without ever going out, and I suppose that is a result of my job.
Ami Starsong asked, Where would you like to travel with Nina for a long holiday if you had total carte blanche?"
OK Ami, given carte blanche I would take Nina and first do a boat trip down the Rhine or maybe the Danube, then visit all of Europe and England and end up in Scandinavia at one of those Ice hotels to see the northern lights!

Thanks for the about you and Dan join us!
Cat asked, If you could have a weekend house party with five people (living or dead) who would they be?
I had to do some serious pondering for your question.

I considered going with a group of fascinating biblical persons like Moses, Abraham, Issac, Noah and Joshua, but decided that would not be all that great...after all it is a house party and what would I serve to that group? And then you would have Moses reminding us of the commandments and Joshua would want to go battle someone and Noah would be worried about the weather and it would just get way to out of hand!

So then I thought how about a Hollywood type of crowd with the likes of Harrison Ford, Matthew McConaughy, Sandra Bullock, Clint Eastwood and Ingred Bergman, but thought no, they are all nice folks but I would probably regret that I wasted an opportunity to have significant social intercourse with mere actors (although it was a tough decision because I fell in love with Ingred the first time I saw Casa Blanca).

So I finally decided I would pick a group of folks that I thought I would enjoy spending an evening with regardless of who they are or what anyone else might think! So here goes:

My choices would be in no particular order of preference;

1. Thomas Jefferson. He was an intelligent man with uncommon sense. I would like to ask him about what the founding fathers really expected the USA to look like. I also would like to talk with him about his interactions with Napolean and how he managed to negotiate the Louisiana purchase. I tell you Thomas would be the guy to take with you to negotiate for a new car!

2. President Bill Clinton. I didn't agree with all of his politics, but the guy is a Rhodes scholar a musician and has a great personality. I am sure he could entertain with stories for hours. I would like to ask him "Really Bill, Monica? At least JFK romanced Marilyn!" And can you imagine getting him and old TJ together!

3. Barry Manilow. He is in my opinion one of the most underrated musicians in the country. He made his start in Jingles like State Farm "Like a good neighbor" Band-aid Brand "Stuck on me", McDonalds "You deserve a break today". I so admire his talent and he seems like such a great person, I would love to watch him play the piano....and after all any party needs a piano player!!

4. Sarah Palin. I don't agree with all of her politics either, but she is a mom, a governor, a vp contender (ok they her and Sen McCain were not really all that much in contention, but she was a trailblazer) and a Fox news personality. I think she would be a delightful person to talk with. God knows the girl is not shy about sharing her thoughts and opinions! And seriously, I say good for her to any woman who can send the message that young girls should not be limited in their imagine for their future aspirations and dreams.

5 Last someone I doubt many have heard of. Dr Deborah Tannen. A New York Times best selling author, with books like "You Were Always Mom's Favorite", Your Wearing THAT! Understanding Mothers and Daughters In Conversation" and "You Just Don't Understand,: Women and Men in Conversation". She is a remarkable lady with a unique insight into relationships and I would love to spend not just an evening, but a week talking with her. BTW if you are interested her website is:

So there you go! My fantasy house party. I am taking a sign up list for anyone who wants to be invited. Now all I have to do is figure out how to resurrect old TJ and we can pick a date!!!

Thanks for the fun questions,


  1. Hey George...I did read your answers on the blog. I just wanted to tell you, everyone answers questions differently...some create separate posts, some answer all in the same post and some post short answers in the original post and longer answers in separate posts. There is no right or wrong way...just whatever works best for you. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  2. Hi Cat, thanks for being so sweet and always reaching out and guiding us newbies. I am going to dedicate my next post to you!

    Hugs and Blessings back,

  3. Hi George, I'm sorry I am way behind here and catching up. I'm so glad I came back to this post. I really enjoyed reading your answers. Loved reading about how you and Nina met and your love languages and loved your dinner party guest list :)

    Very thoughtful answers and I also second what Cat said :)


    1. Thanks Roz, I am glad you enjoyed the answers to the questions. I sure had fun writing them. And thanks for seconding Cat's information. Slowly but surely I am getting more learned in such matters!